Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moving Comfort Juno Bra Review

A few weeks ago, I went to a Girls Day Out at Fit Tri Run in Galveston.  If you are ever in Galveston, visit them.  They are on the strand, an area of Old Galveston that has a bunch of quaint shops and restaurants.  I bought two Juno bras during my visit.  I wanted to give them both a good work out before I wrote a review.   They couldn't just take one workout and one washing.  No, they need to take a beating and keep on ticking...wait that is the Energizer Bunny....scratch that.  Let me precede this review with the following.     I do not receive these products for free or at a discount. I am just a normal consumer who buys things out of necessity and I like to share my opinions on it.  Ask my husband, I always give him my opinion. :)

If you are fluffy or just blessed with large bubbies, Moving Comfort has a bra for you.  I am both living large and large breasted.  I discovered there is nothing worse than trying to learn on how to run without being knocked around by my breast friends.  But it is not just that, when they have their own mind, they can really cause some balance issues.  I know people that are very critical about what they put in their hands because what they carry in their hands can throw there rhythm off. Well it is the same with bubbies.  When you leave them unsupported you may find yourself expending more energy to keep balanced than you do moving forward and you may not even realize it.  You have probably done this from the beginning and don't know the difference.  I didn't.  But now that I have seen the light, I will not go back into the darkness.

I am really impressed at the variety of bras they offer.  My first test drive with them was my Maia underwire high impact bra.  It is a back closure and the shoulder straps are adjustable.  My only gripe about them is the lack of variety in color. So these bras come in blah blah blah..I mean black, white and tan.  Sure if your are anti-fluffy and well endowed, the colors are endless with their other styles.  But once you add a layer of fluffy, all of a sudden they, Moving Comfort, seem to think that the layer of fluffiness has somehow smothered your desire for fashion and color.  But barring the lack of color it is a very comfortable bra that offers great comfort and support, without feeling like an underwire bra.

So when I arrived at TriFitRun, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Juno bra comes in a variety of colors for a variety of sizes.   The bra offers great support.  It is a racerback with a back closure, which can make it a bit difficult to put on but once it is on, you will feel locked and loaded.  Your breastfriends are not going anywhere during your have complete control of them. Not only do you have a sense of control but you also have a sense of better posture which helps with your breathing during a run...especially when you are gasping for air because you took off too fast. (Who said that?)

But here is one of the best features of Moving Comfort. If you aren't privileged enough to live near a place to get fitted, Moving Comfort has a superb online guide to help you.  It is called THE FITTING ROOM.  This tool will teach you so much about athletic bras.  If you were not a bra guru before you used it, you will be afterwards.

So I give the Juno two shoelaces up for comfort and style.  And I give the Fitting Room two laces up for ease of use and information.


  1. The sports bra should be comfortable and it must let you workout without any distraction. I already have two pairs of Moving Comfort Juno sports bra and these are quite nice. I highly recommend this to every woman.


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