Monday, May 19, 2014

Improving under the kitchen sink

My area underneath my kitchen sink was a scary place. No one liked to open the doors or grab items from inside.  When we had to open it, we hastily threw things other their and grabbed what we could with one finger.  Because of that, many kitchen cleaners were lost in this black hole.

It doesn't look like it but there are quite a few bottles of cleanser that are just lurking in the background of this picture.

You can even see where the floor of the cabinet was just a bunch of flakes.

Once I removed all the junk from under the sink, I had to sweep and vacuum all the flakes from the floor.

With the flakes gone, I took some left over vinyl tiles from another project and placed them on the bottom.  They are super inexpensive.  I bought mine from Home Depot. Home Depot Vinyl Floor They were only 89 cents per 12X12 tile.  I needed six for this project. Can you believe it?  It took less than $6.00 to redo this cabinet floor. 
Once the tiles were place and I added a tension rod, another Pinterest idea, the area below the sink was no longer a scary place. And yes all those bottles were underneath my sink originally.  And if I have to be honest, there were more...duplicates.  So I combined some of the half full ones and others I put in a storage area for cleansers.  I didn't realize how much money this black hole cost because once items went in, they never came out.  Note to self:  clean out all the black holes in my home.  (it's gonna be a long year)

I have a few more items I want to add to the space.  For instance, I saw an item on Pinterest on how to hang trash bags in your cabinet.