Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review of Amphipod Handpod

Today I thought I would share with you my review of the Amphipod Handpod. 

In this video I review Amphipods Handheld case, Handpod.  It is a case very similar to their water bottle.  The case allows you to hold your phone, MP3 player or Ipod in your hand without having to grip it.  In the video you can see me shake it wildly with my palm open and it does not come off.  It is incredibly comfortable to hold.  Amphipod went as far as placing two small pockets on it to hold your keys, ID or energy beans. The clear plastic front makes it easy to see through and is touchscreen friendly. 
If you are a data junkie like me, you will love the fact that you no longer have to twist oddly around to see your current stats or to change your music.  You can just turn your palm up and do what you need without skipping a step.  The strap is adjustable for all hand sizes.  The material is extremely durable and will hold up well even in the sweatiest palms.  Because it is universal, Amphipod has equipped it with for small holes for headsets to attach to your device (two on top and two on the bottom.)
I highly recommend this case for anyone that walks or runs and loves to listen to music, book or anything else while doing it. 
I bought mine at Tri Fit Run in Galveston, Texas, but if that is too far for you :) here is a link to purchase it on line or to find a store near you that sells it:
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good...

Well I did it. After months of thinking about, mulling over it, debating over it and well just looking for any excuse to NOT do it. I put on my tenny shoes and ran the trails. For all those newbies to my blog, I have no excuse to not run. I live in an area of the US that gets decent weather about 9 months out of the year. By decent, I mean, it isn't freezing. Sure, our summer months can be brutal with highs of 98-100 degrees but that is mid day. If you go running about 6 or 7 am, it will only be around 80. But not only do I have good weather but I live almost smack dab in the middle of a wonderful 8 mile, well kept trail. If I walk 100 yards from my front door, my foot would step on this trail. If I turn right, I wind through the butterfly district. My fine city has built and maintained a wonderful butterfly sanctuary for the monarch butterfly. Each year these beautiful creatures use it as a rest stop in their migration. People travel from all over Texas to come see them. I run past our new library, skateboard park, golf frisbee course and swimming pool. If I leave my home and go to the left, I can anticipate seeing the deer grazing along the creek, javalinas, turtles and wind up at the water at Pine Gully Park. People drive from all over to walk, run and bike our trails and once a year we host the Lucky Trail Marathon. Did I mention it is a great trail for fluffies? Well it is. I am not running on concrete, which causes alot of jarring of the joints. It is a crushed granite trail that is well maintained.

I told you I have no excuse. So yesterday when I took my run it was like visiting an old dear friend and we just picked up where we left off. I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about running out there. It was a fear I had years ago when I started running. When I started running, I only did the treadmill aka dreadmill at home. It took me a few weeks before I ventured onto the trails and even then there was alot of tugging of my shirt and looking down at the trail. I mean, what is this fluffy doing on the course? I was running. Maybe not a pace that rivals a Kenyan but I was running. And yesterday I had to remind myself of that. Just run. Don't waste the head space on what I think others are thinking. I have no idea what others are get over it. It didn't take long but soon I was just running and enjoying the view.

I used my new Amphipod Handheld ( I have a video review of it coming tomorrow) case for my phone, so this data junkie could easily see my pace, time and distance. There is something about seeing my pace that encourages me to to run just a little bit faster....not much but alittle. So I said "good morning" to sun, "how are you doing" to the trees and "I had fun" to the trail. And at the end of it all, I looked down at my Nike+ and smiled.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

And the award for Breast Support Bra goes to...

the Oscar goes to Moving Comfort Juno bra. Yes, it's Fluffy and I am about to get my run on again. Now, I was expecting to get a new sport bra or anything new for that matter but my sister works at a running store and invited me to a bra fitting. (was that a run on sentence? If it was, well then I'll just say I am warming up for my run tomorrow. )

I have heard of runners being picky about how and where they carry their phone or their water when they run. Put it in the wrong place and you feel out of balance. Put them in the right place and well it is like not carrying it at all. Well imagine carrying two large balloons on your chest that you can't decide to leave at home, or hold in one hand or the other or wear around your waist? Ok, Ok, maybe sometimes they can hang down to your waist naturally but that is a different topic for a different day. Where was I? Oh, yes....things that make you feel out of balance and no choice of where to put them.

Well that is the struggle us fluffy, big chested gals have to endure. We are limited in our choices of where to put them. It is amazing the amount of clothing we are willing to wear to keep them in their place. One "sports bra", one regular bra and another sports bra on top. (true story) Some come to accept the limited support that this layering effect gives or they just succumb to the lie that they are too big to run. Trust me, most women are not too well endowed to run, they just aren't dressed for the occasion. Buying a bra for running is not a fashion first kind of thing. First comes the support...function before beauty. It's not going to feel like slipping into a cozy pair of jammies and fluffy bunny slippers. No, this thing has to be strong, firm and unforgiving. It needs to be able to take all the jarring you can give it and still at the end of its day, hold its shape and be ready for another round tomorrow. It cannot grow tired too soon and give in. No it must endure.

This is why I love Moving Comfort. They know women. They know women of all sizes with all size breast. But the best part, they don't just create great bras, they go out of their way to help women find the right bra for them...on an individual basis.

Today I went to a womens only even at Tri Fit Run in Galveston, Texas. Deb, from Moving Comfort, spent the day there fitting each woman for a bra and making suggestions on the best bra for each person. She had all styles and all sizes on hand for everyone to try on. But you didn't just try on a bra. She evaluated the fit on you and adjusted the straps so that it fit you properly. It reminded me of new parents that take their car seat to a local fire station and the firemen help them place the car seat properly into the car so that it is safe for the newborn when they come home in their first car ride from the hospital. Well, Deb makes sure that when you take your first run, your boobs will be comfortable but more importantly, safe.

But wait there's more!!!!! I was so excited because not only does Moving Comfort make great supporting bras, they make them in beautiful colors. So you get fashion and support. I got the Juno bra. And I was so excited that it came in more than black and white, that I bought the Aqua one also. It's hard to find a company that believes that fluffy gals like to look just as fashionable as their non fluffy friends.
And thank you Deb for making the adjustments so that it fit perfectly. We both left happy campers...I mean runners.

So next time you need a new sports bra or if you never had one, go to your local running store and found out when their next all girl bra fitting gala will be and make sure you go. If they aren't having one...find another running store or ask them to host one. And remember, your bra should never have a birthday.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Did someone say bacon?

Today I am going to share a quick tip saw on the Food Network that changed my life FOREVER!!!!! It's how to cook bacon. I know, I know you're saying how can cooking bacon be a life changer? Introducing my bacon loving hubby.

This man loves his bacon. He is Canadian, but no it's not Canadian Bacon...but he loves that also. So each Saturday I make pancakes and bacon. And at least once a week he makes himself a bacon and tomato sandwich. Prior to this new method of cooking bacon, I use to bring out this big skillet, put on a fireman's uniform, to prevent from burning from grease splatter, and cook the bacon. Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. There wasn't any fireman's uniform, though it should be required, but there was a lot of ducking and dodging grease balls flying through the air. And when all was said and done, I had this skillet full of bacon grease that I had to let cool down some and poor into my grease container for disposal. What a nightmare!

But in walks the Food Network and they share this tip on cooking bacon. If you place a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet, and then place the bacon flat on the parchment paper, you can cook your bacon in the over. And yes, it does taste like regular bacon. The trick is to place the bacon inside a COLD oven and then set the heat for 400 degrees. I usually cook mine for 14 minutes. The bacon cooks while the oven is heating up. Then when you are done, just roll up the parchment paper and throw it in the trash. It's like it never happened.

Here is what you need:

This is what you do:

It is so simple.