Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

In honor of the celebration of the exchange of candy for dressing as any impostor you wish to be, here are a few pictures from a recent crop I held at my place.  First let me say...the haunted house took more time than expected and thank goodness haunted houses look rickety because mine sure did!

First let me introduce you to Sally the Skeleton Scrap Diva.  She believes fashion and function are both important.  She sports a bejeweled crown, high heels, dangling ear rings and a petite crop bag that has her scissors poking out.  She is actually a movable monster from a Cricut Cart.  I cut her at 12 inches on white poster board and pink paper.  I used brads to connect her bones.  Remember, I don't have an original bone in my body. (pun intended).  I actually found this project at the website.  Isn't she darling?

 This is my first year to decorate for Halloween and I wanted to keep the budget reasonable.  I found this cute lighted pumpkin at Walmart for $2.97.  I also bought the small candle wrap. I owned the candle stick already.
I cut way too many bats from Happy Haunting cartridge. But I used some here.  Funny thing, the bats were the easiest to make and yet they had the most impact.  Again, not an original...thank you Pinterest.

 This was my favorite craft project.  I took my daughters mirror and used the Happy Hauntings cartridge to create this scene.  And again...not an original...thank you

 Ok, this took the longest. It was the 3D Haunted House from the Happy Haunting cartridge.  It took so long to make but I love it. I used black poster board because it had to be sturdy.  I don't know if you can tell but but I put a strobe light in the inside.  It looks better with the lights off.  Did you notice the bats flying around it?
 Here is a larger picture of the bats flying out of the house.  Some were caught in a spider's web.  I love the webbing.
 I didn't want to take apart my vase so I just added webbing and bats. The frames are cut from Happy Hauntings.
 This bouquet of spooky is not from Happy Hauntings, except for the haunted house.  They are actually from Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge.  It is one of the best cartridges. It pretty much covers every holiday and much more.  The house is a flat version of my 3D haunted house. I am impressed at how the Cricut was able to cut all the details at this small scale. I bought moss from dollar store and the pumpkin was a dollar from Walmart.
 This is where the food was going to be displayed.  Initially, I was going to place the food down from the kitchen side of the counter and break through the webbing so that people could get their food. Apparently, this webbing has many of the characteristics of real webbing.  You couldn't make a clean break and get to the food without getting webbing also.  Next time I'll wrap the webbing behind the counter.

This is why I love die cut machines.  It didn't take much money to make most of these decorations.  It took about 10 dollars worth of poster board and 10 pieces of 12X12 cardstock.