Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review of Amphipod Handpod

Today I thought I would share with you my review of the Amphipod Handpod. 

In this video I review Amphipods Handheld case, Handpod.  It is a case very similar to their water bottle.  The case allows you to hold your phone, MP3 player or Ipod in your hand without having to grip it.  In the video you can see me shake it wildly with my palm open and it does not come off.  It is incredibly comfortable to hold.  Amphipod went as far as placing two small pockets on it to hold your keys, ID or energy beans. The clear plastic front makes it easy to see through and is touchscreen friendly. 
If you are a data junkie like me, you will love the fact that you no longer have to twist oddly around to see your current stats or to change your music.  You can just turn your palm up and do what you need without skipping a step.  The strap is adjustable for all hand sizes.  The material is extremely durable and will hold up well even in the sweatiest palms.  Because it is universal, Amphipod has equipped it with for small holes for headsets to attach to your device (two on top and two on the bottom.)
I highly recommend this case for anyone that walks or runs and loves to listen to music, book or anything else while doing it. 
I bought mine at Tri Fit Run in Galveston, Texas, but if that is too far for you :) here is a link to purchase it on line or to find a store near you that sells it:
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  1. Nice review. I know you did this review more than a year ago, but I have a Galaxy S4 like you mentioned. Amphipod now has a Handpod Smartview Plus that, according to Amphipod customer service, is better for the Galaxy.


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