Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chandelier lighting office

If someone would have told me four months ago that I would love the idea giving up my beautiful Tiffany Blue office with big window for a dark gray room with a smaller window; I would have laughed.  But I absolutely love my new space.  The most recent addition to my room is my chandelier. 

One date night at Home Depot we were looking for blinds for my bedroom.  (Remember the post I did a year ago about pulling the carpet from our bedroom and staining the cement?  Well we took off the blinds at that time and replaced them with brown paper. And we are just getting around to replacing the blinds.)  I don't know how those people do it on the DIY network.  It takes us the whole  weekend to change a light bulb.  I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yes,  date night at Home Depot. Well on our way to the cash register,  I stopped by lighting.  I love drooling over all the lighting. 
That's when I spotted it.

  A Hampton Bay Chandelier for less than a hundred dollars.  According to the many positive reviews at Home Depot,  it goes on sale from time to time for $60. I am a bargain hunter but I didn't want to wait for another sale, besides I think this is a fabulous price for something so beautiful.  As luck would have it, they were out of stock and I called every Home Depot in town but they were sold out also.  So I ordered it online. 

It took about two hours to assemble it, small price to pay for a chandelier that is less than a hundred dollars. What I won't forgive is the horrible instructions on how to install it.  It does not mention that the smooth and ridged wires are in the same plastic covering and they are not color coded.  I also decided to put a medallion around the top and painted the chrome cover white to match the medallion. However, the nipple that comes with the chandelier was not long enough to go past the thickness of the medallion so for a couple of days, the chandelier looked like this:

You remember it took a year for us to buy blinds?  Well, my biggest fear is that my chandelier would look like this for decades.  Thankfully, an unscheduled day off from work, my wonderful husband was able to buy a longer nipple and properly install the cover.

Don't you just love it?

I have since moved the shelves against the wall to the closet and made more changes to the room, which I will reveal  soon. My husband loves it, my daughter wants one but my mother thinks it is odd to have a chandelier in the craft room?  What say ye?  Do you have one in a non-traditional place or do you prefer to keep chandeliers to traditional spaces?

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  1. I love it! I first saw your running blog a long time ago, and just came across you again, looking through my bookmarks. I know it's sometimes difficult to blog because you don't know if anyone is reading, so I thought I would let you know someone actually is. LOL I know it is difficult, too, having a busy life and being a caretaker. I care for my mom just a few months a year, my brother has her the rest of the time. I have it easy. Hope you are well and that you have time to post again soon.


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