Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Makeover in bedroom

We are still working on the makeover in the bedroom.  To give you an idea of what we want to do, let me show you our  inspiration

and this:

 We have a huge bedroom (note to self: still need to measure room) with a bay window.  We have removed everything from the bedroom and toiletries from the master bath.  So my house looks like this:

My new bed arrived so we set it up in the guest bedroom, moved the guest bedroom mattress to the dining room( we are taking it to my mom's house) and my daughter's old mattress is in the living room waiting to go in the guestroom when we move our mattress to our room.

I have painted nightstands and dresser white but I think I am going to change the dresser to either Spa from Sherwin Williams or Swimming from Sherwin Williams.

I found this duvet from West Elm
Source: via Rozette on Pinterest

Here is my thinking.  Anything that I want to last forever or is hard to change (wall colors, bedding, floor) will stay a neutral palette.  I will use colors on those things that can be easily painted or purchased (frames, accent pillows, anything on nightstands or hung on wall.

So I will do the opposite of the first picture. I will have white duvet with either coral blanket or blue blanket. I have frames that I am going to paint Wax Begonia  from Sherwin Williams.

Once the floors are done...oh I forgot to mention my husband and I are still discussing the floors. So we have removed the carpet and are in the process of staining our floor. There will be a post completely about that process. But here is a picture as a tease.

The Behr staining kit cost only $90.00 at Home Depot so we decided to do it in the interim.  The walls are Maison Blanche by Sherwin Williams.

On a side note:  Can I just say God is good?  We have so much to do and my husband works for UPS.  He works 60 hours/6 days a week dropping off packages.  Which means he runs up and down driveways or stairs hauling anything from book bought on Amazon to 4 new tires for a truck (I have no idea why someone would buy tires online but they do).  So he has little time or energy to help. But this past week he was able to get off at noon on Saturday and all day Monday and yesterday he was able to clock out at 5pm (totally unheard of at UPS).  When we needed him to be home, he was able to be and without having to ask for time.  I love these small blessings that just remind me that God even cares about the little details.

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