Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Couch to 5K W1D1...do I hear sirens?

Are you kidding me?  W1 D1 has been on my mind and a thorn in my side for weeks.  I was so hyped up to start running when I bought the new bra (video review of it later this week) and then I had to put on the brakes because of a heel spur.  Thankfully that is a thing of the past. 

So I was a bit upset with myself for not getting up this morning and doing my first run.  I was tired, I hadn't decided which app to use and my preferable headset was broken....need I say more?  So what to my surprise happened at lunch time?   You guessed it, I got my arse out there and did my personal best.  

My husband was home today and he kept repeating, as I dressed for my run, "Remember take it slow.  Don't over do it." over and over again he said it.  To which I finally responded..."This is COUCH to 5K. It is a program developed with the assumption that I have been sitting on my lazy A** all this time!  If I am worse off than a person sitting on the couch all day then lets call it One Foot In The Coffin to 5K!"  So I get a little dramatic.  It is who I am.  Even my IPad is engraved with "Let me be the musical that I am!" (actually I should write in all caps because I am so dramatic.)

Where was I?  Oh yes, my run.  I had perfect spring weather with low humidity.  However, my husband was right about being careful.  Apparently I didn't tie my shoes properly and during my first run interval, I almost tripped  so I had to pull over and retie all my laces.  Oh and always check which way the wind is blowing if you have a choice in direction when going for your run. You see, I wear a long white tech shirt that billows in  the wind.  And when the wind is to my back, it serves as a sail and I feel like the wind is urging me to go faster as it pushes me forward.  But, oh but, when I am facing the wind...well it just mocks me and I feel as if I am dragging a parachute behind me.

I have learned to listen to my body during my runs.Thank goodness I remembered that from the last time. So I knew when I was going too fast or when I could afford to "speed" up.  Ok Ok so I never passed the guy in front of me that seemed to be on a casual stroll but today I felt like a Kenyan!

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