Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gadget Girls dream case

I recently converted from an iPhone user to and Android user.  It took me months to decide whether I wanted to change over or not.  My two main concerns were 1.  What will happen to all my music and movies on Itunes? and 2.  Do they offer my apps, especially my running ones, on an Android platform?  I had heard rumors of people switching and finding the Android hard to navigate after having an Iphone.  So when the Galaxy S3 and Note II came out, I was still on the fence.
But then I heard the buzz about the Galaxy S4, asked the people at AT&T about converting my music and went to googleplay to see if I could find my apps, I decided to make the jump.  And I am so happy that I did.  I love the screen resolution, it is easy to navigate, love the camera, Smessage, ...I could go on and on.
So I pre-ordered it and received days before most retailers could sell it.  That is where I hit a snafu.  I don't like carrying around a naked phone.  I am too clumsy to have unprotected text.  So after spending my first day with new baby going around town looking for a case that existed but was still boxed up until official launch day, I decided to look online. 
And that is when I found the above beauty. She is handcrafted out of fine Caterina leather. They don't even start making one until you order because you can customize it to your own specifications.  You have a choice of 24 different colors for the outside and inside of the case.  BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!!!  You also have 6 different colored gems to choose from!  Oh my, I am feeling a bit light headed just thinking of all the possiblities.  I had one of these for my first smart phone in 2001.  I loved it.  I don't know how I forgot about this company or it's fabulous cases.  But in any case, I am just drooling over this phone case.  I would love the Capri blue outside with white interior with either red or pink crystals or white.  
But alas it is $220.00.  For those that are in the market for a Galaxy S4 or have purchased the 16GB one, you know that the case costs more than the phone.  Yikes!  So I will continue to dream about it until either I win the lotto, find that tree that grows money or look around the house for things that we no longer use and put them on Craigslist to get the money.  Most likely it will just remain a dream but a girl can dream, can't she?

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