Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Go run the red carpet

I am in my last days of treating my heel and plantar fasciitis.  I must say, I have a new appreciation for stretching and doing the maintenance when it comes to physical activities.  But I am really anxious to start running again.  I want to be out in the sun. Well that's not the only reason.  It gets hot in my little town.  But not only hot, it also gets really humid.  I had hoped that I could get out there while it was still cool and low humidity and allow my body to acclimate to the increasing heat and humidity while I increased my mileage.

I am also contemplating joining a running clinic.  TriFit Galveston runs a clinic for different levels of runners.  My sister started last year and fell in love with running.  Are you getting a little anxious?  Did you just tell yourself "Oh I am not ready for that."  or "Running in front of people? No sir, I will stick to my treadmill in my basement where I can run in secret?"  Well if you did STOP IT!  If you desire to run, don't do it in the dark, it is nothing to be ashamed of desiring.  It is something to be proud of.  Most people that don't run, don't run because they think they can't.  The fact that your are even contemplating running means you already have more confidence than they do.  So put on your running shoes and get out there!

No?  Nothing? Still not doing it? Ok, then do me a favor.  Find the next 5K in your area and don't sign up.  Mark it on your calendar.  Get up that morning and go cheer on the runners. Sit on the side lines and cheer on the runner that runs like a gazelle with their fit "runner's" body.  Cheer on the preteen that is running their tenth 5K and just loves getting out there.  Cheer on the mom that runs most days with their child in a stroller. Cheer on the senior that has ran their whole life and never stopped. Cheer on the senior that discovered running a few months ago and are running their first 5K. But most importantly, cheer on the gal that is fluffy, like me.  The girl that can't buy clothes from the regular clothing section of most stores.  She shops Lane Bryant, not only for their cute styles but because they have styles she can actually fit into.  Cheer her on!  What am I saying?  There will not be just one gal that meets that criteria. There will be several gals just like her, just like you, just like me.  They are beautiful and they are strong and they are free.

 She isn't worried about people laughing at her or judging her.  She doesn't have time for that nonsense.  She is in awe of the strength in her body.  She has pushed it and it responded.  She rewards herself with a run down the red carpet.  Only this isn't just any red carpet.  This carpet comes in many colors and forms.  Sometimes it is a trail through the woods but most of the time it is a gray path that winds through the streets.  Her attire is not a little black dress and heels. No, she is dressed in fitted running shoes, wicking top and bottom and a number across her chest.  Oh how she loves her fans.  They line up for miles (3.1 to be exact) to cheer her to the finish.  She can hear them yelling, "we are proud of you" and "you can do it"!  She is the star and they are her fans and nothing else feels as good as this moment for her.

So if you are in your basement or guest room or living room and running on a treadmill, get out there and run with the other runners.  Go run your red carpet.  You are a star and stars are meant to shine, not flicker in the dark.  So if you aren't ready or don't believe me, be a cheerleader at the next 5K, you'll be glad that you did.

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